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Itchy? Hair loss? Chronic ear infections?

We can help! We LOVE derm cases!  


Have you tried everything and nothing has worked?  Are you worried about that monthly "cortisone injection"?  Come see us and we promise that we will improve your pet's life and get to the bottom of your pet's itchy skin and ears, AND we promise that we won't spend your money unnecessarily.

Dr. Sonnya loves helping pets with dermatitis and food allergies. Not only has she treated her beloved bloodhound Shamus's atopic dermatitis and food allergies, but she herself even has food allergies.  Dr. Sonnya definitely has a special interest in this frustrating disease!

Atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis,

chronic otitis, demodecosis...

we know how to diagnose and treat 

all common and uncommon dermatology cases!

 Read what our clients say:

"Dr Sonnya has a gift of explaining things. She told me that my dog Maddie was chewing her foot for self-confort. (instead of being neurotic) That view conforted ME!" -- E. Hamlin


 "Thank you all of you for doing what you do with compassion and care. Keep up the great job you already do!!" --B. Seigal

 "Staff is very friendly and they take time to visit with you." --A. Sharp

 "You have always gone above and beyond what I would expect of a veterinary office to do. I will continue to take all of my animals present and future there. Thank you." --Anonymous







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Grays Harbor Veterinary Services

16 Old Beacon Road
Montesano, WA 98563
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